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The Houses of Parliament Series

Written by: Katie

October 9, 2023

Monet’s process reminds me a bit of what it is like to become an engineer.  In order to become an expert, you have to study the smallest details.  You can’t become an expert by building one or two websites, you have to build many and study the different aspects of each unique one. 

Over my career, I have learned between 8-10 computer languages, spanning from the American Government’s Ada in the late 80’s, to recently learning the Javascript/React stack.  With each language, it isn’t until you have written a variety of features that pushes the language in different directions, that you are thoroughly an expert.

Monet did the same thing with his subjects, endless paintings, every view, time of day, season, and weather.  In the case of the series, Houses of Parliament, Monet painted nearly 100 paintings of the Thames River from 1899 – 1901.

This was the actual river and building he was painting.

Westminster in London across the Thames
Palace of Westminster in London

And this is what he painted.  Simply amazing.

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